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July 1, 2019 By Ella Miller
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The list of references is perhaps the biggest difficulty in writing, as it is issued in a very special way. First, the bibliography is not listed in alphabetical order. Initially, the first bibliographic list is laws and bylaws, and they are arranged according to the date of the adoption of legal documents. Then come the textbooks and tutorials. Last in the list online publications. All literature in a strict design, the surname and initials of the author, the name of the book, the name of the editorial board, the year and city of writing the literature, the number of pages are indicated.

All links in the term paper should be arranged accordingly, even if you do not use direct quotes, you still need to make the appropriate links to this text. In brackets indicate the name of the author, the name of the book, the number of the book in your bibliography and the number of the page on which the material you are quoting is stated. Applications are drawn up in a separate chapter, if their number exceeds the norm. All applications are written from a separate page, numbered. The numbering is either Arabic numerals or letters of the Russian or Latin alphabet. Applications exceeding the norm are not stitched with the main text of the course work. Applications can be printed in both A4 and A1 format. All applications are very important to perform in the same style without the use of color ink.

Do not think that the more applications you use, the higher your score will be. A large number of applications will only overload the main text of the course work, but will not help them in any way. Thus, when writing a term paper, a large number of difficulties arise, but all these difficulties are easy to overcome if you make yourself a clear plan and know what each part of the course work should consist of. To do this, you can refer to our website, which contains a huge number of articles and examples on the correct writing, design of coursework. After studying them, you can write a decent job, no different from the work of a qualified professional. The first difficulty, of course, is to choose a topic. As a rule, coursework topics are not allowed to come up on your own. At each department of an educational institution there is a list of approved coursework topics for each discipline.

And for many there is a big problem to choose a topic. Try to read all the topics from the existing list and understand what topic you already know something or have an idea, at least remotely, about what is being said. The second advice to help choose a topic at will. Perhaps you do not know anything about the chosen topic, but you have a great desire to learn a lot about the topic under study.